Uptown Properties is hosting an Open House with Venture Business Centers Thursday, June 26th from 4-7 PM.  Come join us and check out Venture Business Centers!  Click on the image for more info!


 Uptown Properties is based out of Portland Oregon and provides Residential and Commercial landlord management services throughout the Portland Metro area. 

Sometimes you just don’t want to get that call on Saturday afternoon while you’re doing what you like to do that your rental has something wrong with it.  We are here for that very reason, to take the stress and the headache away from your property business.  Some tenants can be very good and some are not.  We are here to ensure your peace of mind throughout the life of your property.  A lot of owners choose to manage their home themselves but find that this task takes away from their quality of life and what little time they do have off from a regular job.  We are here to provide sounds services at a great price.  Please contact us for details so we can better serve your needs.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of our site to better understand all the different services that we provide.